About the Modern & Contemporary British Literature Class Contributors,

California State University, Fresno, Spring 2019  

Tim Bird

Tim Bird is entering his first year of graduate studies in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies MA program at California State University, Fresno.  He has been a writing tutor for the past four years both at Fresno State and College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA. Upon attaining his MA, he plans to teach composition classes at a California community college.  He has an interest in dystopian fiction and has been an avid gamer since a young age.

Stephanie Duarte

Stephanie Duarte is an English Education major at CSU Fresno and is also minoring in Chinese. She is an alumni of Reedley College where she graduated with an AA in English. She plans on becoming an English professor and would like to spend some time teaching abroad in East Asia. Aside from teaching, her dream job is to be a screenwriter and aspires to have her scripts turned into shows. She actually enjoys studying and also enjoys binge-watching shows, staying up-to-date with Korean and Chinese pop music, and spending too much time thinking about writing screenplays but actually not doing it. 

Alex Flores

Alex Flores is an English major at CSU Fresno who plans on graduating in 2019, with plans on pursuing an MFA.  He plans on pursuing a career in creative writing with a direction towards short stories or novels, as well as teaching at the University level.  He enjoys cooking and can prepare a thoroughly impressive chicken tikka-masala.

Arielle Gonzalez

Arielle Gonzalez is an English major at CSU Fresno, and transferred with an Associates degree in English from Clovis Community College. She plans on graduating in Spring 2020. Eventually, she would like  to get an M.A in Literature and begin to teach English Literature at a local community college. For now, she is interested in being a high school substitute teacher in order to fill the teaching shortage in California. Arielle enjoys riding her bike and occasionally hiking, so long as she is wearing the right shoes for both activities.

Lee Lee

Lee Lee is an undergraduate English major at California State University Fresno with an interest in creative writing. She plans to apply to the MFA program after she graduates. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is crafting in between her piles of books and listening to music.

Morgan Reaber

Morgan Reaber is an English major at Fresno State who transferred with an AA from Cuesta College in her home county of San Luis Obispo. She plans on graduating from Fresno State in Spring 2020, and is currently contemplating her options for the future, but has always loved the idea of writing children’s books and working at a publishing company for young adult novels. She loves her Chocolate Lab, Hutch, and singing in her spare time.

Giselle Rodriguez

Giselle Rodriguez is a current student at California State University, Fresno. Giselle is an English Major and plans to graduate in the Spring 2020. Upon graduation, she plans to return to Fresno State to earn a Master of Science in Counseling in Student Affairs and College Counselling. When Giselle graduates with a masters, she hopes to work in the four-year universities or in a community college helping students to earn their degrees so they can succeed in life with the knowledge they have gained in their college career. In her spare time, Giselle likes to cook, sleep, and occasionally go on road trips if she is not feeling lazy to drive somewhere.

Evangeline Bier-Stanberry

Evangeline Bier-Stanberry is an English major, with double minors in Ancient Greek and Humanities, at CSU Fresno. She plans to pursue an MA degree and a creative writing career after graduating in May of 2019, with the hopes of writing the next great American novel while living somewhere overseas.

Alexis Manuel Enriquez

Alexis Manuel Enriquez will be graduating with a double major in English and Philosophy at California State University, Fresno in the May of 2019. He has an interest in fiction writing and will apply to the MFA Program in Creative Writing the following year. In the Spring of 2018, he was Fresno State’s undergraduate Fresno Fiction Prize honoree. The elements he incorporates in his writing are themes of the “low-life”, issues people dread talking about. He loves to play with elements of magical realism and making his prose sound elegant. He enjoys to work and volunteer at non-profits.

Xavier Garcia

Xavier Garcia is an English Major that likes to write in the creative field. He likes to read in his spare time and loves to bake. Also, he enjoys going on long walks on the beach with his kids. Xavier is working on getting his  Bachelors and then going on to get his MFA. He's been on a long educational journey and with the help of his family and friends has continued to pursue his passion of becoming a teacher. He loves music, traveling, and reading comic books.

Ramon Jimenez Ortega

Ramon Jimenez Ortega is a Political Science and English double major, with a Creative Writing Minor, at Fresno State University. He will be graduating the Spring of 2020. He is currently a California Faculty Association intern and has published poems in the 2017 edition of Flies Cockroaches, and Poets. He plans on continuing his education and pursuing an MFA in Poetry, with the hopes of publishing his own collection of poems. He enjoys flow arts and has taught over one-hundred people how to juggle.

Adriana Pedrali

Adriana Pedrali is an English major at California State University, Fresno who is graduating in May of 2019. She will be taking the Fall 2019 semester off before returning to school next spring to get a Multiple-Subject Credential. Upon successful completion of the Credential Program, Adriana plans to become a first grade teacher.

Sequaia Reed

Sequaia Reed is an English Major who has a love for romantic fiction novels. She plans to graduate from California State University, Fresno in the fall of 2019. Her plans after graduation are to go into Career of Grant Writing as well as study to receive a Teaching Credential.  Sequaia also hopes to receive a Master’s degree in Counseling and become an academic counselor for English Majors in the future. In her past time, she loves reading and writing short stories.

Xander Stevenson

Xander Stevenson is an avid reader, enthusiastic writer, and curious scholar situated in the Central Valley. He loves music and animals and plans on moving somewhere with nicer weather than Fresno when he’s done with school. He is happy to have helped make Eliot a little more accessible. 

Veronica Vivas

Veronica Vivas is currently pursuing an English degree at CSU Fresno. She plans to graduate in the Fall of 2020. She hopes to go into publishing or freelance write after graduating. She enjoys baking desserts, binge watching the X-Files and going on road trips with her family.